Master in Business Administration

Course Brief

Distance Learning MBA Program from Talent Study Circle ensures that quality education is made available to students across regions and nationalities. MBA from Talent Study Circle Distance Learning enhances the convenience and flexibility of the students. Whenever you have time, you follow forums and take the exam. Also the opportunity to review classes and discussions several times is extremely valuable. This is the only way to have the time to do MBA for many Managers, and of course it is also valuable for participants, sitting in different time zones and places.

  • To provide intensive theoretical and practical knowledge of management.

  • To provide an integrated perspective of management functioning along with a fair amount of exposure to real life cases/ technical knowhow.

  • To hone the student's analytical abilities.

  • To provide access to a broad base of knowledge in core managerial skills.

  • To develop the essential management skills required to meet and participate in an increasingly international business environment.

  • To build upon the essential core management modules allowing greater emphasis on elective modules of management.

MBA Specialization:

  • Finance Management

  • Marketing Management

  • Human Resource

  • Retail Operations

  • Information Systems

  • Banking Management

  • Health Care Services

  • Project Management

  • Total Quality Management

  • International Business

  • Operations Management

  • MBA is the preferred degree of choice when it comes to recruiters hiring candidates for managerial and executive positions. Here again the opportunities are endless.

  • 3 year Graduation

  • Minimum : 2 years (4 semesters). Maximum : 4 years.

Semester Fee:
  • Rs.15,000/- (inclusive of Exam Fee Rs.2,100/- & Alumni Fee Rs. 200/-) or as revised from time to time.

Mode of Payment:
  • By Demand draft in favour of SIKKIM MANIPAL UNIVERSITY, DE payable at MANIPAL OR UDUPI. (The draft can be made from any bank but it should be payable at MANIPAL or UDUPI only).

  • The fee can also be paid using Credit/Debit Card.

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